How to Save Money Around Your Home

When you own your own home, there are a lot of expenses. From insurance and property taxes and utilities bills and repairs, your home can be a strain on a tight budget. There are ways for you to lower your expenses. Here are a few tips to help you save money on household expenses.

DIY Repairs

Do you really need to call an electrician when you need to change out a light switch? No, for many small home repairs, you can google a video on YouTube to see how to do the repairs yourself. If you're handy or at least, willing to try, you can accomplish many small repairs yourself.

It's a good idea to invest in a good toolkit and ladder, so you have the necessary tools on hand. A ladder can help you take care of some of the maintenance issues around the house, including:

  • cleaning the gutters
  • dusting ceiling fans
  • painting
  • holiday lights
  • changing light bulbs and air filters in high locations

Thrift Shops

Thrift shops are wonderful for picking up odds and ends for around the house. If you need a new floor lamp, you might consider looking in the thrift stores around your community before purchasing a new one. You can save more than half the cost of new items.

These stores carry more than just used clothing. Many offer furniture, kitchen wares, yard equipment, and many other useful items for around your home.

For example, instead of spending more than a hundred dollars on new dishes, you can pick up plates, bowls and coffee mugs in a variety of patterns for a few dollars each at a thrift store. Your friends will love the eclectic collection of dinnerware.

Utility Bills

Electric, water, and gas are a few of your largest monthly bills, but there are ways to save some money. These ways include:

  • turn off all lights when you leave the room
  • cook in the mornings and evenings during the summer
  • turn off an electric water heater from the breaker box and turn it back on an hour before you shower
  • keep shades and blinds closed in the summer and opened in the winter
  • unplug all electronic chargers when not in use
  • change the air filter in your HVAC system every three months, and more often if you have pets
  • take showers
  • buy energy efficient appliances
  • hang clothes out to dry on pretty days — if you like the softness of the dryer, then throw clothes into the dryer for a couple of minutes before folding
  • use a programmable thermostat
  • buy LED lights for all your fixtures and lamps

Buying an Appliance

From washers and dryers to a fridge, your home needs a variety of appliances. When the time comes to replace one, they can be a major expense. If you want a brand new, from-the-store appliance, then the best time of year to buy most appliances is in September and October. During these two months, manufacturers roll out their new models, and stores discount old inventory to make way for the new styles. The exception to this rule is refrigerators, which roll out new models in May.

If you don't mind a used appliance, you can save some real money. It's a good idea to check out Craigslist and online yard sales for your area to find used appliances. You might even find used appliances at a thrift store or your local Habitat for Humanity store. Depending on where you live, there are stores dedicated to selling second-hand appliances.

Your home comes with a lot of expenses, so you're always ready to find new ways to save a little money. These tips offer some money-saving advice you can use when you're on a tight budget.